Coming Out Quietly

Coming Out Quietly

Today is National Coming Out Day! At work, however, I am Schrodinger’s Queer: simultaneously in and out of the closet until such time as somebody pays attention.


Image description:

Thinking too Much to Think Positively
A comic by Xan
Coming Out Quietly

Xan is wearing a white lab coat, with their arms folded.
NARRATION: “I’d really like to come out properly at work…”

Xan looks panicked, with a swirling background behind them.
NARRATION: “But coming out means talking to people! I didn’t become a scientist to talk to people!”

Xan is looking thoughtful.
NARRATION: “What if… I just added my pronouns to my email signature?”

Xan is sat in front of a computer, typing and looking happy.
XAN: “Aaaand done! Perfect! I am a genius!”

Xan is sat in front of the same computer, looking annoyed.
CAPTION: “Two months later…”

Xan raises their arms in anger.
XAN: “Doesn’t anyone in this company read their emails?”