This comic’s text comes from a song called I.D., by Go! Child (featuring Chi-Chi). Ever since I began to recognize the fact that I was some flavor of trans, I’ve had a lot of conversations with myself, and this song describes these internal debates beautifully. The “trans me” went from an intriguing, persistent hypothetical, to a frustrating vision of a life I could never have, to a source of strength and comfort. Embracing that person hasn’t been without its complications, but it’s also changed my life for the better in many ways. Even something as simple as what I’m doing now – an autobiographical comic – would have been unthinkable a few years ago, because some time around puberty I suddenly became uncomfortable with the idea of drawing myself, and I didn’t know why.

That aside, let me tell you about the people who created this song. Go! Child is fronted by Penny, a multi-talented trans gal who does voice acting, podcasting and Youtube Let’s Plays in addition to being a great musician, and I’d definitely recommend checking out her stuff because it’s so good. Ryan is the other half of the duo and a frequent co-host/co-conspirator on Penny’s projects. He seems like a stand-up guy! This song also features Chi-Chi as a guest vocalist – she has an incredible voice and her Youtube channel is full of super interesting vocal covers. These people are all lovely and deserve all your likes, subscriptions and effusive praise!

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