Important Haircut

Important Haircut

I always find that a monologue works best when it’s spaced out over two and a half hours.

Also: my stylist, Princess Kennedy, is truly amazing and the best.


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Thinking too Much to Think Positively
A comic by Xan
Important Haircut

Xan is at the salon. Kennedy, a stylist with long blonde hair, elaborate tattoos and wearing a loose-fitting black dress, is brushing their hair.
XAN: “It’s strange. When all of this gender stuff began for me, all I wanted was to not be read as male.”

Xan is now lying down with their hair in a sink. The color has come out of the tips, leaving them a greenish-blonde color.
XAN: “When I started getting laser hair removal, I thought that would definitely be enough.”

Xan is having their eyebrows waxed. One is still thick, but the other now has a more defined shape.
XAN: “But the more I presented as feminine, the more it just felt right.”

Some of Xan’s hair is combed in front of their face, and Kennedy is trimming it into bangs.
XAN: “It’s weird to think about it now, but I really used to feel like androgyny would be enough.”
KENNEDY: “And how do you feel now?”

Xan now has sideswept bangs. Their hair is slightly wavy now, black on top fading to magenta at the bottom. They look stunned, and are surrounded by sparkles. Kennedy is behind them with a hairdryer.

Xan, still sparkling, looks delighted.
XAN: “I feel like a princess!”
KENNEDY: “Good for you!”