Xan is Messed Up

Xan is Messed Up

My hair actively resists all efforts to constrain it. I get that from the Medusa side of the family.


Image description:

Thinking too Much to Think Positively
A comic by Xan
Xan is Messed Up

Xan’s hair is tied back into a messy bun. RF is standing behind them with a hairbrush.
XAN: “Are you sure it looks okay?”
RF: “It’s called a messy bun. It’s supposed to look like that!”

XAN: “Well… okay!”

Xan stands up, and a single hair springs out of the bun.

Xan clasps their hands to their face in horror. RF looks exasperated.
XAN: “It’s ruined!”
RF: “Baaaaaabe…”